Best Subway Sandwich: Delight Your Taste Buds Today!

When you think of the best Subway sandwich, you imagine a sub packed with fresh goodness. Since 1965, Subway has stood for choice and consistent quality1. Their signature 12-inch subs show just how wide their variety is1. This means whether you’re in a new place or just looking for your favorite, Subway has you covered.

They offer everything from classics like the Meatball Marinara to new, temporary sandwiches. And don’t miss out on their warm, baked cookies. They make the meal perfect.

Key Takeaways

  • Subway has provided customizable sub-options since 19651.
  • The 12-inch footlong sub is Subway’s signature claim to fame1.
  • A wide variety of delicious Subway sandwiches cater to different flavor preferences and dietary needs.
  • From classic favorites like the Meatball Marinara to limited-time offerings, Subway ensures consistency and taste.
  • The combination of tasty subs and impressively baked cookies enhances the overall dining experience.

Introduction to Subway’s Sandwich Variety

Subway’s sandwich selection has something for everyone. Since 1965, they have focused on making food just the way you like it. Their menu is set up to make it easy to choose from Classics, Subway Series, and Fresh Melts1. This helps customers see the diverse and tasty world of Subway.

The special Subway Series menu has been a big hit. It started with 12 signature subs but now has 18, including new sandwiches like the #19 Pickleball Club and #33 Teriyaki Blitz2. Even favorites like the Sweet Onion Teriyaki have been updated based on what customers love most2. These changes show Subway loves to keep their menu fresh and exciting. They’re always ready to surprise their guests with new flavors.

People really love the Meatball Marinara and the Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki. Reviews often help customers find what they’ll like best. The Fresh Melts line, with extra cheese in every bite, is perfect for cheese fans1.

Subway doesn’t forget about those with special diets. The Veggie Delite footlong has only 410 calories. This shows Subway welcomes everyone, no matter what you like to eat1.

Subway’s wide menu has classics and new treats, making it a great place for a quick meal. With positive reviews and regular updates, it stays a top choice for those who love sandwiches.

Italian B.M.T.: The Ultimate Classic

The Italian B.M.T. is a standout option at every Subway. It’s a favorite sub sandwich, packing three savory meats and tasty toppings. This makes it a top choice for many.

best subway sandwich


At its heart, the Italian B.M.T. is known for its rich ingredients. It includes Genoa salami, ham, and pepperoni, all on fresh Italian bread. For an even better taste, you can ask for ¼ lb portions of provolone cheese, mortadella, spicy salami, Genoa salami, and Prosciutto3. You should also consider extras like roasted red bell peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, olive oil, vinegar, and mayo to complete your sub3.

Flavor Experience

The Italian B.M.T. is bold, salty, and spicy, perfect for anyone who loves meaty flavors. It has over 750 calories, making it a rich choice, especially when you’re craving something late at night3. The name B.M.T. stands for “Biggest, Meatiest, Tastiest,” which really fits the sandwich3. By adding capicola, spicy capicola, or soppressata, the taste gets even better, for a standout meal3.

Ranking Popular Sandwich Choices


Subway’s sandwiches show us what people enjoy eating across the country. In first place is the Italian B.M.T., and close behind is the Tuna. Fans love the fresh and tasty experience Tuna offers4. The Subway Club takes the third spot, especially favored by those who enjoy meat4.

When ranking Subway’s sandwiches, we look at how they impress at first sight and taste. The Meatball Marinara, with its flavorful sauce, grabs the number five position4. Each sandwich is unique, as seen with the Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki in tenth place. It was admired for its bold mix of flavors, though some found them too strong45.

These rankings give us insights into simpler sandwich choices too. The Veggie Delite comes in last, offering a lighter option4. Customer opinions, along with taste, shape these rankings. They offer a well-rounded view of what people enjoy at Subway.

popular sandwich choices

While some sandwiches are highly favored, others like the Black Forest Ham rank high for their salty taste45. The Cold Cut Combo and Roast Beef, in the ninth and seventh places, show how people still love traditional flavors at Subway4. These detailed ratings help customers pick their next sandwich with assurance.

Tuna: Fresh and Flavorful Delight

Subway’s Tuna sandwich is simple but loved. It’s famous at the top sub shop. People like it because it uses skipjack and yellowfin tuna. They’re caught in a way that doesn’t hurt tuna populations6.

Why It’s Loved

The sandwich is even better thanks to the wheat bread. It’s a fresh and tasty mix. This choice shows Subway’s care for the environment and good food quality6. The mix of tuna and black pepper is simple but tasty. Often, it’s not served with tomatoes to keep the bread good6.

fresh and flavorful delight

Best Toppings

Subway lets you pick what you like on your tuna sandwich. There’s baby spinach, banana peppers, black olives, and more. You can also choose avocado, guacamole, and jalapeños at some stores6. They have Parmesan, oregano, and more to top your tuna salad6. With all these choices, your sandwich can be just how you like it.

Rotisserie-Style Chicken: A Step Above

The Rotisserie-Style Chicken sandwich at Subway shines bright. It’s a tasty choice, with true rotisserie flavor and the seal of approval from the American Heart Association. You can enjoy it for a great price, starting at $4.75 for the 6-inch size and $7.75 for the Footlong7. From April 1, SUBWAY’s Chicken Strips will also be healthier, free from artificial stuff and antibiotics7.

What makes this sandwich even better is how fresh all the ingredients are. SUBWAY now uses proteins that come from animals not given antibiotics7. This change shows SUBWAY’s strong commitment to quality for its huge number of customers across the U.S., which includes over 27,000 restaurants7.

Adding honey mustard to your Rotisserie-style chicken meal makes it unique and delicious. The sandwich stands out thanks to its fresh ingredients. Subway aims to use only eggs from happy, cage-free hens at its 30,000 locations in North America by 2025, proving its dedication to better ingredients7.

This hands-on way of making your meal meets Subway’s goal to offer good food that’s easy to enjoy. It’s also a smart pick for those looking for a quick, healthy meal for the family8. So, the Rotisserie-Style Chicken sandwich is at the top, uniting fresh ingredients with great rotisserie chicken for a meal that meets high customer hopes.

Best Subway Sandwich: Delight Your Taste Buds Today!

Subways Sandwich

Being called the best Subway sandwich means it stands out among many. Take the Italian B.M.T., for example. It’s spicy because of its salami, ham, and pepperoni on Italian bread. It’s often seen as the best4. Then comes the Tuna, known for its tasty use of “wild caught” tuna4.

The Subway Club holds its own with turkey, ham, and roast beef on multigrain bread4. If you’re looking further than usual, you might enjoy the Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki. It features teriyaki chicken strips with a sweet onion sauce4.

Think about all the flavors Subway has. The Meatball Marinara is loved for its meatballs in sauce with cheese on Italian bread4. Then, for a taste-filled option, try the Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki or the Steak & Cheese4. Each sandwich, from the hearty Italian B.M.T. to the light Veggie Delite, offers a unique set of flavors4.

Subway’s variety of 15 sauces makes the menu even richer9. Adding one of these sauces can make any sub better. So, explore Subway’s offerings. You might just find the perfect blend for your taste.

Subway Club: A Hearty Choice

The Subway Club is a standout choice from Subway’s menu. It’s popular for its hearty ingredients and full flavor. This sub includes oven-roasted turkey, Black Forest ham, and USDA choice roast beef. It’s a well-loved option for its delicious and satisfying taste. It’s ranked as the third-best Subway sandwich4.

Ingredients Breakdown

This sandwich is all about the carefully selected meats. The oven-roasted turkey is tender and juicy. The Black Forest ham adds a smoky taste. Then, the USDA choice of roast beef guarantees each bite is flavorful. All of this is contained in hearty multi-grain bread. It’s topped with a hint of English mustard, creating a balanced and rich experience.

Perfect Pairings

Eating the Subway Club with the right sides and drinks makes it even better. Enjoy some of Subway’s famous cookies for a sweet twist. A cold iced tea or a soda can also go well with it. Remember, different places have varied selections of sides and drinks. So, check out what your local Subway has to offer for the best combo.

Subway has almost 37,000 locations across over 100 countries. This means you’re likely able to find this delicious sandwich almost anywhere you go10.

Vegetarian Options: Veggie Delite and Beyond


Subway has a lot of vegetarian choices. This lets customers enjoy a tasty meal. The Veggie Delite is a top pick. You can make it your own by picking different sauces, cheeses, and veggies. Many vegetarians and vegans like it because they can customize it1112.

Not just the Veggie Delite, Subway offers even more. They have a Veggie Patty too. It’s made with ingredients like carrots and soybeans. This gives a full meal for vegetarians11. Now, with Beyond Meatball subs available in the US and Canada since 2019, there are even more vegan choices12.

Subway has vegan breads like Artisan Italian and wraps. They offer vegan sauces too, like BBQ or Buffalo. This makes it easy for vegans to enjoy a meal at any of their worldwide locations1112.

Some vegan soups have been taken off the menu. But, Subway still has vegan sides like chips and applesauce1112. They’re always working to add more vegan and vegetarian options. Plus, they want to hear what customers think. This shows they care about everyone’s needs and want to make sure people are happy with the menu11.


Finding the best Subway sandwich offers a fun taste adventure. It takes you through a journey of flavors and choices. The Italian B.M.T., with its meats like Genoa salami, stands out at number one4. But, the Veggie Delite is also special for those who love fresh veggies13.

Subway lets you make your sandwich just the way you like it. You can add things like jalapenos or special cheeses13. This shows Subway cares about what you like to eat.

The Tuna sandwich is a big hit, coming in at number two. It’s loved for its flavor from wild-caught tuna13. The Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki grabs 10th place with its delicious teriyaki sauce13. Plus, there are many veggie choices like the Veggie Delite at number 134, great for anyone looking to eat more plants14.

With over 38 million sandwich combos13, Subway has something for everyone. You might go for the hearty Subway Club at number three. Or maybe you like the freshness of the Rotisserie-Style Chicken at number six. Subway always uses fresh ingredients and makes sure the flavors are just right. They have more than just sandwiches, offering tasty soups like black bean, full of protein14.

Subway’s mix of old favorites and new ideas makes it a favorite place. Fans know Subway is great at mixing the old with the new, and love it. Whether it’s the top-ranking store or what people say in reviews, Subway is a top choice for a good meal.


What is the best Subway sandwich?

Choosing the best Subway sandwich is all about what you like. Some top picks are the Italian B.M.T., Tuna, and Subway Club. People love them for their great taste and fresh ingredients.

How can I explore the variety of sandwiches Subway offers?

Subway has a lot of sandwiches for every taste and diet. You can try everything from meatball marinara to Veggie Delite. Looking at Subway sandwich reviews is also a great way to find new ones you might love.

What ingredients are in the Italian B.M.T. sandwich?

The Italian B.M.T. has Genoa salami, ham, and pepperoni in Italian bread. This sandwich is known for its spicy and delicious taste.

How are Subway’s popular sandwich choices ranked?

Subway ranks its sandwiches using taste tests and feedback from customers. These reviews show which ones people enjoy the most. This can help you pick a sandwich you’ll like.

Why is the Tuna sandwich at Subway so popular?

The Tuna sandwich is a fan favorite for its simple, fresh taste. Many like it with wheat bread and a bit of black pepper. It’s always a good pick.

What makes the Rotisserie-Style Chicken sandwich a step above?

This sandwich offers real rotisserie chicken. It tastes better and is more unique than other fast-food options. It shows Subway’s focus on using quality, fresh ingredients in their sandwiches.

What combination of ingredients makes the Subway Club sandwich hearty?

The Subway Club has turkey, ham, and roast beef. These are combined with multigrain bread and English mustard. It’s known for its rich, varied taste.

What vegetarian options does Subway offer?

Subway has the Veggie Delite for vegetarians. You can add your choice of sauces and cheeses to customize it. This shows Subway’s dedication to serving different diets.

How do I find the highest-rated sub-shop near me?

To find the best sub-shop close to you, use online reviews, social media, and food-rating sites. They’re great for discovering the top spots for a great Subway experience.

What makes Subway’s Tuna sandwich a conscious consumer choice?

Subway’s Tuna sandwich uses wild-caught tuna, which is good for the planet. For many, skipping the tomatoes keeps the bread fresh. It’s a choice that’s tasty and environmentally friendly.

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