Mushroom Stew Quinow Soup Recipe

This is another very good recipe that you can easily make with quinoa. Mushroom as well as quinoa does form a good combination that can normally make you feel really happy with its a delicious taste. You need the following ingredients to make the dish.

Ingredients of quinoa soup:

– Chicken Stock – 8 cups
– Mushrooms – 1 plate
– Yellow onion (cut to half and slivered) – 1
– Finely minced garlic cloves
– Juice of a half lemon
– Brown mustard
– Fresh Spinach – Large handful
– Quinoa – 1 cup (If you do not have quinoa at home then you can even use barley but ensure that you use just half the amount so that the soup does not get thickened).
– Thyme
– Hunk of Butter

Prepare of meal:

You need to use a large stockpot in which saute chopped mushrooms, garlic as well as onion. You can then pour the lime juice into that. You can then add brown mustard and also butter to that. Stir that frequently when you are sauteing and also when things are getting cooked as well as get softened. You can then add a chicken stop of 6 cups and also fresh thyme to that. Add cooked quinoa, a handful of fresh spinach, and more lemon juice as well as mustard (and zest, if you’d like) to taste.

Use another pot in which you can cook quinoa. Use chicken stock for cooking grains. You can keep that inside until the end. To the pot of soup, you can add two larger chicken legs to that and also can bring that for boiling. You can then reduce the heat of it and also can simmer it. When you find the meat in proper cooked form, you can remove the chicken legs, shred the meat and then return that to the pot. Now it is time to add the quinoa that is cooked along with lemon juice, more amount of mustard as well as spinach. The dish is all ready for you to serve.


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