How to cook quinoa in microwave

Quinoa is a healthy grain food that is mostly recommended by doctors as a high-level protein diet and ideal for everyone. If you love eating this food, but you do not have access to a modern stove, you can simply cook it in the microwave within 15 minutes. You simply need to follow some key steps that are necessary for the preparations and cooking of this delicious meal. Cooking quinoa requires a perfect combination of skills and knowledge as well as a great cooking art in order to come up with the most trusted ready meal. We are here to present to you some of the techniques and simple strategies that when followed produce the best of the tasty and modern meal. Before anything else, you need to have the following: quinoa, microwave bowl that is safe, water, and a lid and observe basic microwave preparation method.

Technique and strategy of cooking quinoa

1. Take the right measurements of quinoa

You need to start by placing one cup of quinoa in the microwave (this may vary according to the number of people you are preparing for) Use a microwave-safe bowl that comes with a tight-fitting so that you simply get the best results.

2. Tops it up with broth

It’s much important to perfectly top the quinoa with well-measured two cups of liquid. This is water or vegetable broth (if you love veggies) or chicken broth (if you like chicken). Any of the two offers the most delicious and highly reliable taste of greatness. It is easier to top up and does not require any technical measurements. You are only required to use your understanding of the right portions that produce the perfect results.

3. Cook perfectly

After the topping up with your preferred broth, you need to concentrate on cooking. You let the microwave start running and then cover for at least 5 minutes or until when you notice that the water is boiling at a reasonable heat.

4. Allow your meal to rest for sometime

You then simply allow your meal to rest for at least 10 to 15 minutes. This resting period enables the grains to be very tender and soft and at the same time makes the outer ring of each grain look translucent. This makes it to be fully prepared and well-cooked so that you eat at any time you want. The cover of the bowl should not be opened. You can simply hold your appetite and wait to serve the most nutritious meal that is also high in amino acids.

5. Fluffing with a fork

After following this perfect strategy, you need to keenly open your microwave and examine the quinoa. You need to avoid serving immediately and start by fluffing your delicious meal with a fork. This is an important process that helps it to mix completely as you prepare it to soften. You then serve on the plate and relax to enjoy one of the sweetest and well-prepared meals.

Preparing quinoa dishes

A great strategy is important while preparing quinoa dishes. You can easily use your cooked quinoa to develop pilaf or the so-called cold salad as a great side dish for grilled or highly roasted meat. Ready prepared quinoa is also ideal to be served for breakfast as you sit to enjoy with the entire family.

Quinoa salad

Making delicious salads involves following a great cooking style. You can manage this by cooling the microwave quinoa in a regulated refrigerator and keenly tossing it with other chopped veggies and finally dress it. For instance, you need to add canned black beans that have been drained, chop bell peppers and cilantro as well as lime juice and cumin then add olive oil for Latin Version. You can also choose to add some diced tomatoes, dill, chopped cucumber, olive oils, feta cheese, and vinegar, (preferably they red wine type).


You can prepare this by shredding carrots and chopped onions and then put diced celery in little olive oil. You progress by stirring already cooked veggies in a microwave and then add other ingredients to make it tastier. This may include silvered or toasted almonds, curry spice, raisins, or thawed peas. You will realize that you can become very perfect in preparing this meal and you will always welcome your guests to have a bite of what you can do best. The skill requires a lot o keen observation and willingness to commit to the cooking process.


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