How to Prepare Quinoa – Fruit, Nuts with Yogurt

How to Prepare Quinoa – Fruit, Nuts with Yogurt

Breakfast is something that most of us give so much of importance too. It is not about the first meal that you are having after your sleep but it also can influence your mood for the day. If you get to eat something very boring or that you dislike breakfast then you may feel that your whole day is gone. Getting a yummy breakfast can elevate your mood and makes you happy.

Yogurt with fruits, nuts, and quinoa can be really a great way for you to treat your mom on mother’s day. Any mother may love this from their kid. This is the recipe that is really simple and which can make texture in a plate and make fine lines dance on the plate between sweet and sour. It is all about the number of things that you add which gives the actual taste of this dish. A thick Greek yogurt actually forms a base for the breakfast.

The smooth

The smooth start is the one that can actually be provided by the scattering of the sultanas, pistachios, and roasted almonds which can add the flavor to it. Dried figs or dates can also really work well with this and add the flavor of this dish.

The real joy of having this dish lies when you much on the crunchy quinoa. Dry roasting of quinoa can provide it with a nutty taste and it only takes some minutes. There is no need for cooking or rinsing these grains. You just need to get them roasted in a pan and then sprinkle them over yogurt. Usage of red-colored quinoa can really be a great treat for your eyes too. It is fine even when you use the other one for the taste. When you add a pinch of the lemon zest it makes the dish really bright and also makes the olive oil drizzle. A sea salt sprinkled can make everything move to a sour taste. This is really a blend of different taste and you may feel like going through a journey of various tastes. Quinoa can be roasted the previous night and kept in a container so that all that you need to do is to get the plate to be assembled and serve this dish for breakfast.


The following ingredients can make this dish for a single person and you may hardly need 15 minutes to prepare it. You need the following items.

  • 1/2 tablespoon of the red quinoa
  • 5 shelled pistachios which can be either salted or raw
  • 5 almonds
  • half cup of Greek yogurt
  • half tablespoon of sultanas
  • pinch of lemon zest that is freshly grated
  • flaky sea salt or coarse salt
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil

It is necessary for you to dry the roasted quinoa by making that placed inside a small pan over the medium heat. When that gets toasted it may start popping. You need to even toast the nuts by putting that in a pan and shaking it.

You need to spread yogurt in a plate then sprinkle, nuts along with quinoa and sultanas on it. Now you can add lemon zest on to it and then sea salt. Overall that pour some olive oil and your dish is perfectly set to be served.


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